SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement

Guidelines for applicants


Applicants shall contact the coordinator or a member of the program committee prior to submission of the proposal. Applicants who have not attended the round table discussion July 2009 in Bonn or how have substantially changed their project please fill in the following form and send it to the coordinator:

short_proposal_SPP flowering_time.rtf


Applicants are also requested to specify their needs concerning the central bioinformatic platform of the PP. Please read the following text and send your answers to Prof. Ivo Grosse from the program committee.

Bioinformatics PP


The submission of proposals is subject to the guidelines as given in the "Research Grants – General Information and Guidelines for Proposals" (DFG Form 1.02e), which can be downloaded under:




The following points must be regarded:


Eligibility Requirements

Proposals may also be submitted by researchers working at non-university research institutions.

It is also possible for foreign scientists to participate provided that their project is of paramount importance to the Priority Programme as a whole. This should be explained clearly in the proposal.


Application Period

The call for proposals also specifies the period for which applications may be submitted and the funding period.


Integration of the Project into the Priority Program

Each proposal must be accompanied by a description of how the project is integral to the Priority Programme, both in terms of subject matter and organisation. This includes a description of the cooperation with others involved in the proposal within the Priority Programme, for instance on the basis of previous collaborative work or joint publications. The envisaged realisation of the project in cooperation with other applicants may be demonstrated in particular by the joint training of young researchers, or the use of methods by multiple projects as part of a network.


Funds requested (Beantragte Mittel)

Staff costs

Scientific instrumentation




  • All costs for travelling to the project meetings, retreats, other meetings and congresses, project partners
  • Travelling costs for attending the reviewer meetings will be directly reimbursed by the DFG
  • Travelling costs for non-members of the PP to attend PP meetings will be reimbursed by the coordinator
  • Publication expenses
  • Other costs
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