SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement

Coordination of PP1530

The coordinator will act in close collaboration with the program committee. General progress meetings will be organized once a year. The coordinator and the program committee will organize theme-/technique-oriented meetings and young investigator meetings. By the end of the funding period, he will organize an international congress.  The Administrative Manager as part of this integrative project will support the coordinator in his activities related to PP coordination such as organizing meetings, holding contact with the scientific advisory board and maintaining inter- and intranet platforms and public relations. The AM will also coordinate the activities of the PP teams and the integrative projects. The coordinator holds a budget for organizing the meetings and for travelling costs to invite international scientists to attend the general meetings and to support investigators to attend the special meetings. The AM will keep contact with the associated members of the PP from other countries and invite them to the general meetings. Also measures to promote equality will be funded by the coordinator’s budget.

Project-related publications

Blümel M, Dally N, Jung C (2015). Flowering time regulation in crops - what did we learn from Arabidopsis? Current Opinion in Biotechnology 32:121-129

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