SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement

Projects of PP 1530, Phase I

PP-1: Identification and molecular characterization of genes involved in the perennial flowering of Arabis alpina

PP-2: Mechanistic analysis of the transition from juvenility to maturity in perennial Arabis alpina and comparison with Brassica crop species

PP-3: Directing floral timing through genetic variation in the plant circadian clock

PP-4: Is the immune system required to adapt to flowering time change ?

PP-5: Development of an early flowering system for poplar breeding and biosafety research

PP-6: Bioinformatics support for RNA-seq experiments

PP-7: A final step of speciation? Changes in flowering time and their genetic and ecological background within three closely related diploid Hordeum species from Patagonia

PP-8: Genomic dissection of floral transition in Brassica napus towards crop improvement by life cycle adaptation and hybrid yield increase

PP-9: Allele mining in wild barley: finding new exotic genes which control flowering time in the barley nested association mapping (NAM) population HEB-25

PP-10: Regulation of flowering time by Trehalose-6-Phosphate signaling

PP-11: Identification of flowering time genes in barley using next generation sequencing of bulked segregants

PP-12: Mechanisms of flowering time control by the novel flowering time genes GNC and GNL

PP-13: Flowering time, development and yield in oilseed rape (Brassica napus): sequence diversity in regulatory genes

PP-14: Unravelling the role of a novel autonomous pathway component in FTi control by small RNA profiling and cross-species comparison

PP-15: Analysis of the genetic variation of flowering time genes and their control network in grapevine

PP-16: Unraveling a mechanism for floral transition control in annual, biennial and perennial Beta species

PP-17: Analysis of genetic variation for flowering time in wild barley grown under different environmental conditions

PP-18: Comparative analysis of miRNA networks regulating flowering

PP-19: Genetic dissection of flowering time in wheat by high-density genome-wide association mapping

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