SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement

International Workshop: "Genome Engineering" and "Epigenetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes", Gatersleben

The 6th workshop of the Priority Program 1530 „Flowering time control: from natural variation to crop improvement” is a “double workshop” and will cover two major topics: The 1st session will deal with the latest developments in genome engineering with relevance for the modification of crop plant genomes. A particular focus will be on recent technical advancements in the manipulation of developmental genes. The 2nd session is closely related to the topic of the PP1530. It will cover all aspects of epigenetics from DNA and histone modification to post-transcriptional modification of flowering time genes. The majority of talks will be given by invited speakers. Other participants are invited to present their results as posters from which a small number will be selected for oral presentations.


Keynote Speaker, Session 1:
Holger Puchta (Karlsruhe)
Jens Boch (Hannover)
Andreas Houben (Gatersleben)
Jinrui Shi (Johnston, USA)
Caixia Gao (Beijing)
Kaijun Zhao (Beijing)


Keynote Speaker, Session 2:
Franziska Turck (Cologne)
Manuel Piñeiro (Madrid)
Wen-Hui Shen (Strasbourg)
Scott Poethig (Philadelphia) Gordon Simpson (Dundee)


When: June 22-23, 2017

Where: Leibniz-Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Corrensstraße 3, 06466 Seeland/ OT Gatersleben, Germany


Scientific organizing commitee: Christian Jung, Kiel (c. jung@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de), Dorothee Staiger (Bielefeld), Klaus Pillen (Halle), Ivo Grosse (Halle), Maria von Korff Schmising (Düsseldorf/Cologne), Nadine Höft, Kiel (n.hoeft@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de), Antje Jakobeit (Kiel)

Contact: Nadine Höft (n.hoeft@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de)

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