SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement

Z project

Coordination of the Priority Program “Flowering time control: from natural variation to crop improvement” („Z-project‟)

The Z project is an integrative project, which bundles all coordinative PP activities, such as management of contacts and addresses, organization of PP metings and workshops, communication with the DFG and associated partners of the PP as well as WWW appearance and facilitation of data exchange between project partners. The major goal of this project is to manage a smooth interaction and to facilitate networking within the PP and the associated members and the DFG and furthermore, to streamline co-ordination within the PP and promote the particular close interactions between certain subsets of partners that share work on certain species or on technological advance or bioinformatics.Schema-Z-project

Work packages

  • Collection and maintenance of contact information of principal investigators as well as scientists working in the respective projects
  • International Networking: data collection on and maintenance of contact to associated foreign partners of the PP including invitation of those to PP meetings
  • Setup and Maintenance of the PP website including abstracts of the single projects and addresses of the respective principal investigators and scientists as well as establishment of an intranet platform providing, e.g. teaching tutorials to improve young investigator´s presentation and teaching skills
  • Organization of all meetings and workshops of the PP
  • Coordination of activities of the SPP teams and the integrative projects
  • Setup and maintenance of a non-public FTP server accessible to registered members of the PP (PIs and scientists employed in the projects) as well as a more restricted part accessible to the program committee members will be conducted by this project for facilitating data exchange and storage
  • Coordination of all reporting (Intermediate/Final Reports) to and communication with the DFG and the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Management of Z-project funds with respect to meeting organization and measures to promote equality.
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