SPP 1530: Flowering Time Control - from Natural Variation to Crop Improvement




1st quarter Final SPP1530 Symposium tentative: Kiel
1st quarter Final Annual Consortium Meeting tentative: Kiel



June 22 - 23

International Workshop: Genome Engineering and Epigenetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes Gatersleben
June 20 - 21 6th Annual Status Meeting Gatersleben
June 19 - 20 4th Young Investigator Meeting Gatersleben



January 18-20 3rd Young Investigator Meeting Berlin
January 20-22 Workshop: Circadian rhythms, flowering time regulation and crop plant adaptation  Berlin
June 28 Special session: Flowering time and Floral Transition on EPSO/FESPB Plant Biology Europe Prague
July 4-8

Summer school and Mini-Conference on Bioinformatics

September 5-7

5th Annual consortium meeting, incl. Mini-Workshop:Flowering Time control in perennials




April 22-24 4th Annual Consortium Meeting Weihenstephan



October 29 17 proposals approved by DFG for 2nd phase of PP1530  
June 2-3 Reviewer Meeting for proposals of PP1530/2 Bonn
March 26 3rd Annual Consortium Meeting Bielefeld
March 24-26 International Symposium: Genetic variation
for FTi genes and application for crop improvement
March 3 Deadline for Proposals for 2nd SPP phase, via DFG electronic
proposal submission portal ELAN



November Launch of Call for Proposals for phase 2 by DFG  
September 18-20 2nd Young Investigator Meeting Tübingen
September 16-18 Workshop: Floral transition in Arabidopsis Tübingen
January 23-24 2nd Annual Consortium Meeting Cologne
January   21-23 Workshop: Pleiotropic effects of Flowering Time
Genes and Impact on Adaptation and Speciation



June 20 - 22 Meeting on Advances and Challenges of RNASeq Analysis Halle/Saale
June 18 - 20 1st Young Investigator Meeting Halle/Saale
February 22-24 1st Annual Consortium (Kickoff) Meeting Kiel



July 1 Start of SPP1530/1  
Upcoming Events